To my favorite client among LSP’s

Dear Client,

I just wanted to write you a short note to tell you that you are one of my favorite clients among Language Service Provider companies and here is why.

1.       You always address me by my name when you contact me

2.       You do not send mass emails and wait for the first bidder of the job

3.       You understand and appreciate the quality that I can provide and are willing to pay for it.

4.       You understand that to do a good job, there needs to be sufficient of time for it and do not ask for impossible deadlines.

5.       You understand that I have a life outside of my translation business and that I want to spend my weekends with my family and friends.

6.       You show your appreciation of my work and give me feedback and recommendations to other clients

7.       You give me clear instructions and guidelines for the projects

8.       You are available and make sure the end client is available for questions and clarifications

9.       You do not ask for additional changes after the delivery of the project without also paying for them

10.   You pay on time

In return you get a loyal translator who appreciate you and make room for your projects. I will always try to deliver the highest quality Swedish translation for you. Thank you!

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  1. What a great letter: it’s exactly why favourite clients are favourite clients!

    Did you actually send it to any clients, or just post on your blog? I think it might be an interesting thing to do. Just like we want feedback from our clients, perhaps they want feedback from us? I might try it. Thanks for the inspiration. ;-)

    • Thank you Lisa! No I have not sent it to any clients yet. Perhaps I should, because some of my clients really deserve the praise, others less so.

  2. We always strive to meet these goals when working with our vendors. Feedback on how we can achieve these standards is always welcome!

    • Thanks Brenna! The letter could have been addressed to Cetra.



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